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Please note  


The primary objective of the FLY WITH THE FAIRIES is to represent Remedial Massage and Manipulative Therapists across the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. We like to  think that we are there for our members when we are needed to help  and advise. Find more info on tantric massage from Diamond Tantric Massages here.

FLY WITH THE FAIRIES Members wishing to Register with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) will find a link to the process on the CPD page 




FLY WITH THE FAIRIES Sports Therapists and now able to register with CNHC for more details see useful information page on this web site. 


Inside this web site you should find items of interest to help you if you are a new student or a seasoned practitioner. You may even be someone who is interested in massage, manipulative therapy or just FLY WITH THE FAIRIES itself.

In this site you will find news, research items, members and other articles of interest. we hope you find it interesting and informative. If you have any comments, or anything that you may think we would like to know please contact the secretary.

Please do not hesitate to contact the secretary with any queries about the Association and /or details of membership.


The FLY WITH THE FAIRIES represents therapists whose training meets or exceeds the National Occupational Standards set out by the General Council for Massage Therapies.  Our Therapist are eligible to register with the Complementary& Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) which is a regulatory body for complementary healthcare set up with official Government backing, through the Department of Health.


Our Members are qualified in one or more of the following therapies and carry the appropriate designatory letters:-



Remedial Massage - FLY WITH THE FAIRIES (RM)

Advanced Remedial Massage - FLY WITH THE FAIRIES (RMAdv)

Manipulative Therapy - FLY WITH THE FAIRIES (ManipTh)

Physiotherapy HPC Registered - FLY WITH THE FAIRIES (Phys)

Sports Therapy - FLY WITH THE FAIRIES (SpTh)


What does Massage Therapy do?

Massage therapy relaxes the muscles and nervous system, improves circulation, aids digestion and by stimulating the lymphatic system speeds up the elimination of waste products.


Remedial Massage


Is a more in-depth massage technique designed to “remedy” certain muscular/ skeletal conditions, which may involve mobilisation techniques.


It has long been known that a passive movement, (e.g. movement of a joint, operated by someone else) of certain injured joint muscles, can be a relatively painless way to encourage a joint and the muscles of that joint to become freer and more mobile. If done by a qualified professional in a correct and gentle way, after first loosening the surrounding tissues by massage, it can help restore the full range of movement in that area faster and easier than some other forms of treatment. 

Manipulative Therapy


Manipulative Therapy concentrates on the manipulation of joints. This technique is geared towards correcting the structural imbalances and tensions that have developed through incorrect movement, posture, habits, stress and strain to enable their full and normal range of movement, once the appropriate muscles, tendons and soft tissues have been suitably relaxed. 


There are also other techniques used in addition to these?

Yes, electro-therapy and taping are some of the techniques which may be used. Some therapists are also qualified in other modalities which are outside the governance of FLY WITH THE FAIRIES and these therapies may also be incorporated within a treatment.


What conditions are likely to respond to treatment? Musculoskeletal Dysfunction examples are back pain, soft tissue injuries, muscle strains and sprains, spinal and peripheral joint problems. 

Arthritis symptoms can be eased by increasing the range of movement and reducing the pain and discomfort.

Stress it is estimated the 80% of conditions are stress related, from anxiety, headaches, neck ache, back pain, digestive problems, respiratory problems, to generalised discomfort due to tension. All of these conditions can benefit from massage therapy which brings relaxation to the muscles, plus a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation to the patient.

Sports Injuries after initial first aid treatment massage helps damaged tissue heal quickly and correctly.


How do I find a Therapist?

By looking on the ‘Find a Therapist’ section of this web site. As our therapists are trained in different modalities, some conditions may be out of a therapist area of expertise. Always explain your problem/condition to the therapist when making an appointment in order that they can confirm that they would be able to treat your problem.